competitive unscripted series concept

Created by

Clark James

"With the proliferation of digital cameras, everyone is a photographer,

but great story, composition and subject will always prevail!"


Ten photographers - amateur and professional - are challenged by creativity, skill, equipment and time to capture the ultimate image and be judged on their work by a professional jury.

Contestants are assigned fast-turn, challenging missions in the US and around the world, to capture and deliver the ultimate shot within the given criteria.

The Shot is an exciting, entertaining and educational, competitive program consisting of Quick Shot and Big Shot photo assignments. With each episode, the photographers will use specified tools (i.e. camera and other special gear) to complete their assignment.


Episode assignments vary in imagery formats:


  • Journalism

  • Product

  • Fashion

  • Portrait

  • Underwater

  • HDRI

  • Long exposure

  • Video

  • Aerial

  • Timelapse

  • Macro

  • Wildlife

  • Landscape

  • Sports

  • Many, many more!


The Shot is the ultimate opportunity to explore an unlimited world of photography assignments, challenges and new subjects!


Each photographer is responsible for prepping appropriate photography gear and delivering their best shot within the given deadline and subject parameters. Episodes conclude when the resulting images are submitted and reviewed by a panel of experts. Their submissions are rated and a weekly winner is chosen. 


The overall series winner is the photographer with the most points across five primary categories. The winner receives a cash award, sponsored prizes, a feature profile on a prominent photography website, and the title of Big Shot.


Weekly winners are chosen by the jury - a panel of industry professionals critiquing five key elements:


  • Subject

  • Story

  • Composition

  • Unique perspective (POV)

  • Creativity


Other criteria include:

  • Sharpness

  • Lensing

  • Contrast

  • Tangenting

  • Creative use of tools and methods

Based on the above criteria, the weekly winner awards immunity and the maximum number of points. Each week, the two bottom positions are asked to compete in a 5 minute Shoot-out. The loser has one point removed from their overall score.

- Guest photographers can mentor on assignments and gain recognition.

- Viewers can vote online for their favorite photographer and image of the week.

- Viewers can submit guesses for the weekly “teaser riddle” in an open blog and receive prizes.


TALENT SELECTION: Each photographer is chosen based on character, ability and experience. There is no particular criteria the artist must possess, beyond skill and the ability to capture photos that tell an engaging story.

Egos will surface when top-end professional and amateur photographers are put together, given the same assignment, criteria and tools. The amateur photographer will be placed on a level playing field with the professional, which brings to question the Zen concept of Shoshin - “There are many possibilities in the mind of the beginner, and few in the mind of the master.” Does experience prevail over a fresh, naive and curious eye? We'll find out!

JURY: The panel of experts is comprised of 4 of the top photographers and cinematographers in the world with frequent guest judges. Here are a few incredible photographers we have spoken with.


Philip Winchester, the talented celebrity of stage and screen. Crusoe, Strike Back, Law & Order SVU


Photographer of African culture, using custom reflection mirrors.


Top international photographer of celebrities and important figures.


Set photographer for films such as Blade Runner and Bat Man.


Pro photographer for Nike, Celtics, Olympics, Phillies. Canon Explorer of Light Team member.


Camera Operator for Iron Man, Spiderman, Black Swan, Black Panther.



Photographers are given limited tools and time to achieve the Quick Shot assignment and meet the given criteria. Quick Shots are fast-turn sequences with limited time and resources that might be limited to a mobile phone (sponsored brand) and a nearby event (rally, protest, sports event etc). The Quick Shot is complete when all of the photographers have uploaded and submitted their assignments, or the clock runs out. The winner will receive photographic tools (sponsored brands) as prizes, and an extra point.



Photographers are given a large-scale photo assignment that takes them to locations across the US and the globe. Assignments can range from a natural disaster to animal matings, to rare events like an eclipse. A Big Shot assignment is complete when every photographer has photographed, edited, and uploaded their images before the assignment deadline.


Each week, the two bottom photographers are given a 5 minute photo assignment with tight restrictions. Shoot-Outs can involve a macro image of a butterfly, a pet portrait, or a live fashion model shoot. The possibilities for Shoot-Outs are endless.


From initiation of the series, the audience is introduced to ten photographers (professional and amateur), a professional jury, and our host.


First-up, the Quick Shot assignment is given and executed. Upon completion of the Quick Shot, a winner is awarded, points are assigned and we move on to the Big Shot assignment.


Immediately following the Big Shot assignment, each photographer's work is judged on multiple merits of achievement, points are given and a weekly winner is selected.

The bottom two photographers are asked to compete in a Shoot-Out.

*The Shoot-Out throws a twist in the game and concludes with a juried winner chosen by their peers, comprised of the remaining photographers.

**Additional Quick Shots are assigned to throw off the pace of Big Shot assignments.


Photographers are restricted by experience, skill, time, tools, gear, baggage weight and size. Upon packing of their chosen gear, photographers will travel to the assignment region and set loose to get their best shot(s). The center of each episode follows the challenges and events the photographers face while accomplishing their Big Shot assignment.


Upon the completion of the Big Shot assignment, the photographers will digitally proof their work, make necessary modifications, write a 50 word maximum description and submit their material online before the deadline.


A photographer who misses a deadline will automatically be on the block for removal from the show. The judges will decide if they stay, based on the quality of their work, score and potential.


Each episode concludes with a live review of the photographer’s work by the panel of judges.


Each episode concludes with the scores announced, filed by a teaser riddle that describes next week’s Big Shot assignment.



- Viewers can compete for weekly assignments submitted online.